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June 21, 2017
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Mentorship Program

Houston Association of Professional Landmen
Mentorship Program
Bringing experience together with ambition to fuel the next generation of energy leaders


Mentorship Appliacation Mentorship Program Qualifications



  • Bridge the workforce experience gap by transferring knowledge, resources and life experiences.
  • Provide guidance, advice and assistance in molding future oil & gas industry leaders in a systemized and personally tailored manner.
  • Create lasting relationships for both Mentors and Mentees through meaningful two-way dialogue and interaction.
  • Increase HAPL member engagement by providing young professionals and students direct access to successful industry leaders.



  • Serves as a knowledgeable and enthusiastic role model; coaching, challenging and inspiring Mentees.
  • Provides support, encouragement and wise counsel; confidentially listens to problems or concerns and offers feedback and advice.
  • Serves as a resource person and confidant, sharing critical knowledge and information when appropriate.
  • Recommends ways to develop specific job skills, effective workplace behavior and assistance in planning a career path or next steps.
  • Provides resources to the Mentees such as business plans or facilitates introductions.
  • Participates in Mentor/Mentee individual or group meetings and activities at agreed upon intervals.
  • Maintains contact with Program Coordinator to discuss progress and provides feedback.
  • Agrees to continue relationships with Mentees at the conclusion of the program, if possible.



  • Participates in all Mentor/Mentee activities.
  • Commits to open and honest communication; listens to others.
  • Shares goals and expectations with their Mentor.
  • Develops mutually beneficial relationships with Mentors and other Mentees.
  • Gives as well as receives feedback; seeks as well as shares information to gain knowledge, skills and insights from both Mentors and other Mentees.
  • Open to future contact with Mentors and other Mentees.
  • Will not engage in solicitation for personal benefit or advancement.



  • Mentor will have the flexibility to appropriately personalize his/her own program.
  • Mentor and Mentee should make contact at least once every 45 days.
  • Mentors encouraged to introduce Mentees to a variety of seasoned and accomplished professionals within the industry, and to attend HAPL events with Mentees.



            At the conclusion of the program, all participants will be asked to participate in a survey based on their role as a Mentor or a Mentee.  Feedback will guide future program content and potential expansion.  The goal is to ensure that the mentoring program meets the expectations of the participants and provides a quality, meaningful experience for both the Mentors and Mentees.


Mentor/Mentee relationships may continue unofficially at the participants’ discretion.  Access and limits will be established by each Mentor based on their availability and other preferences.