AAPL/SPE Workshop

AAPL/SPE Workshop
The AAPL and SPE are jointly hosting an educational institute focused on 'Enhancing Community Conversations: From Acquisition through Production'.  The two-day event will take place on Friday, March 6th and Saturday, March 7th in San Antonio, TX and there will also be a primer training course on Petroleum Engineering for the Non-Engineer on Thursday, March 5th as a precursor to the two-day institute (separate registration fee required).  The event itself will be held at the Hilton San Antonio Hill Country Hotel and we'd love to see you there for this informative workshop which is available for continuing education credits for both AAPL and SPE.
You can register for either the 1-day primer training course , as well as the 2-day institute via the SPE website and the following is an overview of the 2-day institute:  http://www.spe.org/events/15jsan/pages/about/
AAPL/SPE Workshop:
Enhancing Community Conversations: From Acquisition through Production
March 6- 7, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas
Friday, 6 March
SESSION I: Conventional Versus Unconventional
Chairs:  Virginia Markley, XTO Energy; Scott Royal, ScotRock, LLC.
In this initial session, participants will discuss the main differences between conventional recovery/reservoirs and unconventional reserves.   Differences in drilling, completions, economics, and the common lexicon to be used in daily life will be reviewed.
SESSION II:  Differences and Challenges for Each Profession
Chairs:  Rodney Black, XTO Energy; Scott Royal, ScotRock, LLC.
This session will focus on the similarities and differences between professions within the industry, such as landmen and petroleum engineers.  The speakers and participants will discuss where you could find resources for the various questions you might receive in the field.
SESSION III:  Educating the Public Through "Our Guys in the Field"
Chairs: Christopher Spencer, XTO Energy; Andra Wilcox, Houston Advanced Research Center
Communication and interaction between the industry and the community that we are involved in is critical.  Areas of interest include:
  • How do you build community relationships and repair them even when it isn't your fault?
  • Who should be the messenger, and what information should be given?
SESSION IV: Reclamation
Chairs: Angela Benedict, A. Land Co., LLC; Natalie Wagner, Misty Mountain Consulting
The reclamation session will include an idea exchange of how to return the land to as close to the original condition as is practicable.  Special emphasis will be a review of what items must be addressed and what items are optional or on a case by case basis.
Saturday, 7 March
SESSION V:  Standard Requirements
Chairs:  Virginia Markley, XTO Energy; Natalie Wagner, Misty Mountain Consulting
Both landmen and engineers grapple with the process for permits and how to secure the site for drilling. This session will focus on: 
  • Industry best practices
  • Upcoming restrictions on water, air, and ground usage
  • Local regulations as well as federal or state mandates that might change
SESSION VI: Environmental Options
Chairs: David Storrie; SMS Land Service, Inc.; Andra Wilcox, Houston Advanced Research Center
How do you actually manage all of your requirements to adequately respond to all of the environmental aspects, technology, best practices, and mitigation of issues for your project?  How do you address communication and transparency with the public?  This session will concentrate on these questions and rely on the participants' engaging dialog. 
SESSION VII: Water Life Cycle
Chairs:   David Storrie; SMS Land Service, Inc.; Drue Ann Whittecar, NOV
In this water life cycle discussion, we will focus on alternative and traditional sourcing through to transportation and transfer.  In particular, the discussion will include how to store the water, use of the water, and whether to reuse or dispose of the flowback.
SESSION VIII: Where We Will Be in the Future
Chairs:   Ana Djuric, Halliburton; Drue Ann Whittecar, NOV
This session will begin with small group round table interactions.  Then, the entire workshop will engage in an interactive discussion, deliberating and debating the future - 5, 10, and 30 years from now.
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Hilton San Antonio Hill Country Hotel
9800 Westover Hills Boulevard
San Antonio, TX 78251