AAPL RPL/CPL Certification Exam Review

Date: December 7-9, 2021



Houston Marriott North
255 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Houston, TX 77060-2004


Frank Klam, CPL

Dorsey T. Roach, CPL

Thomas M. Rucker II, CPL


18.00 CEU

1.00 CEU Ethics

RPL and CPL exams are not scheduled to take place following this review. Instead, candidates with approved certification applications may schedule to test at AAPL’s office in Fort Worth.  To inquire about testing options while AAPL is converting to computer-based exams please call 817-847-7700 or email Certification@landman.org. (Computer-based exam launch date is expected in mid-October.)

Detailed instructions on how to register for an RPL or CPL exam at Scantron Testing Centers will be sent to approved candidates in the near future.  Contact: Certification@landman.org for more details.


Registration Includes: CPL/ RPL Study Guide, provided on Day 1 at check-in (previous purchases are non-refundable)


The Certification Exam Review is a fast-paced, intensive study of the topics covered by the CPL and RPL certification exams. Lectures will be interactive and enhanced with problem-solving sessions. It is highly acclaimed as a thorough land review and an excellent means of preparation for the CPL and RPL exams. This class covers the following topics:


RPL/CPL Day 1:   7:30am - Registration/ Check-in; 8:00am - 5:00pm Course
·         Real Property Law  
·         Land Descriptions 
·         Contract Law 
·         Conveyancing and Interest Calculations 
·         Oil and Gas Lease 
·         Ethics 

CPL Day 2:   8:00am - 5:00pm
·         Pooling 
·         Joint Operating Agreement 
·         Negotiations  
·         Well Trades 

CPL Day 3:   8:00am - 3:30pm
·         Federal Leases and Units 
·         Environmental 
·         Offshore 
·         Mineral Landwork 
·         Federal Taxes on Oil and Gas Income

Organizer AAPL

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Houston Marriott North
255 N Sam Houston Pkwy E
Houston, TX 77060-2004