2021 HAPL 26th Annual Fishing Tournament

2021 HAPL 26th Annual Fishing Tournament
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On June 12th, 2021, the HAPL Saltwater Fishing Tournament was held in and around Galveston, Texas. What a great tournament it was! We had clear blue skies and not too much wind. It was a bit hot, but who doesn’t expect it to be hot in Texas in June? We had a great turnout at the awards ceremony at the West End Marina in Sea Isle and copious amounts of beer and frozen margaritas were consumed. Enough fish were caught that all of the places in each category were filled up, and then some.

Thank you to all of our sponsors! Without your support we wouldn’t have had such a successful and fun tournament!

The prizes for each category of fish were as follows: $1000 for first, $600 for second, and $400 for third. In light of the freeze in February and the resulting fish kills, only one fish was weighed per entrant in each category (in contrast to stringer weight for reds or trout). Here are the results:

Slot Red
Matt McWilliams 7.07lb
Erick Burke 6.14lb
Howard Hays 4.15lb

Michael Hays 5.04lb
Keelan Bohuslav 4.13lb
Howard Hays 4.00lb

Bull Red
Billy Blaize 22.95lb
Nelson Schexnayder 19.95lb
Brendan Jones 10.01lb

Big Fish
Billy Blaize 52.64lb Black Tip
Denise Lewis 29.96lb Black Tip
Charles Blaize 23.08lb Jack