HAPL 5th Annual Shale Play Seminar

Speaker List

Speaker Don Jackson – Haynes & Boone

Topic: “Trending Oil & Gas Litigation in Shale Plays”

Speaker Kevin Colosimo – Burleson LLP

Topic:  “Landmen at the Door”   - Ethics credit pending

Speaker Chris Kulander – Haynes & Boone

Topic: “A Primer on and New Developments Regarding the Executive Right to Lease Mineral Rights”

Speaker Eli Kiefaber – Kiefaber & Oliva

Topic: “Non-Executive Interests and Horizontal Pooling”

Speaker Ian F. McNeill – Kilburn Law Firm

Topic: “Relinquishment Act”

Speaker Chris Champion – Norton Rose Fulbright

Topic: "Area of Mutual Interest Clauses – Opportunities and Pitfalls”

Speaker Phani Gadde - Wood McKenzie

Topic: “Bridging the Data Gap between Headlines to Wellhead – An Analyst’s Perspective”

Speaker Russ Schetroma - Steptoe & Johnson

Topic: Pro Fracking and/or International Shale Plays