How to Add and Edit Hapl Sponsors

The HAPL Sponsors Rotator is using our Directory Module.  To access the Directory Module, Hover over the content.png option in the top blue administration menu.  Then hover down to Directories and Click the word "Directories".



Here you will see a list of all active, inactive, expired and archived directories with their current status (active) and options to edit each one.



To Edit a Directory, just click the Edit Option listed to the right of that Directory.



To add a new Directory, Hover over the white tab DIRECTORIES option near the top of the directories list page and hover down to Add Directoreis Option, then click it.



To Add or Edit the data fields in a Directory, please fill out the following info as shown/explained.  NOTE:  Not all fields need to be filled out here, mainly the image, URL and title.


Now save your changes at the bottom of the page and View the directory.