Landman Licensing Updated (March 8, 2009)

The following message was sent to the HAPL membership on March 8, 2009:

Fellow HAPL Members,

Thursday, March 5th, a HAPL Special Board Meeting was held to discuss HB 1405, the Landman Licensing Bill currently in committee before the Texas Legislature.  Over the last two weeks your board has worked closely to assess the political climate surrounding this unfavorable bill for landmen.  In doing so, we have visited with staff lobbyist from several large oil companies, TIPRO, TXOGA, Texas Real Association and members of the Texas Real Estate Commission.  We have visited with numerous independent lobbyist and are in regular contact with AAPL, all in an effort to stay on top of this licensing issue.  We are reminded of the outcome of our survey in November where our members expressed their opposition to licensing, let alone licensing under the Texas Real Estate Commission.  Based on all the information we have gathered, we believe Mr. Charles Geren's bill to be a real threat to our profession.
It would be easy to sit back and rely on others to deal with this issue and trust that the outcome will be favorable to the 1500 members of HAPL.  However, HAPL's Board feels that it's important to take an active role in the opposition of this bill.  Given the significance of this bill, your HAPL Board passed a motion to secure political representation in Austin.  Unlike many of the parties opposing this bill, HAPL has a single goal in the 81st Texas legislative session, to protect the livelihood of landmen in Texas.  In order to do so we need an ear to the ground in Austin.  We also need a strategist to guide us.   But most of all we need our members to stand ready to get involve should the need arise.  We will need to work with AAPL and all the other local Texas Landmen Associations across our state to defeat this bill.  Over the next several months you will be receiving periodic updates on the status of our efforts.  If needed, we may ask for your help.  And if we do, I hope you will join me in fulfilling our common goal.

Thank you for your trust and participation in HAPL.